How to Be Happy – 10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


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#1 – How can I live a happier, more satisfying life?

Happier-LifeTake absolutely nothing for granted — not your family, not your friends, not your job and not your brain! Instead, nurture each important part of your life as if it was a beautiful flowering plant.

Keep your friends and family close to your heart, and spend time with them often. Cultivate new friends by joining social groups — especially groups focused on helping others. Develop new hobbies, or devote chunks of time to a hobby you already love.

Find a job that feeds your soul as well as your wallet. If that’s not possible, start working toward the goal of a more fulfilling job.

Keep your brain stimulated by learning new things. Find ways to participate in the arts — enjoy museums, take your own photos, create sculptures or pottery, listen to good music, play an instrument, paint or collage your own masterpieces!

Maintain an open heart and an open mind. Give compliments freely, and keep criticism to yourself. Love your loved ones unconditionally and forgive small offenses quickly. Let go of your own negativity and live every day in gratitude.

#2 – I used to be a happy person, but lately I seem to have lost my positive outlook. How can I learn to be happy again?

sad-womanAny setback, whether it’s a large one or a small one, can throw you into a funk. But it doesn’t have to last for long! Are you familiar with the old cliche “Fake it till you make it?” Believe it or not, this is wise advice. Take it in small steps, but start acting like you’re already happy.

Spend as much time as possible with your closest friends and family. Be open with them, share your feelings, and allow them to provide you with help and support. If there’s anyone in your life who encourages your feelings of negativity or spreads their own bad vibes, stop seeing them.

Get out of the house and away from your job for at least an hour every day. Whether you prefer to pray or meditate, do so on a regular basis. Attend a church or join a meditation group to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded others.

Take care of yourself! Start exercising regularly to stimulate your endorphins — these are the chemicals which cause you to feel happy. If you’ve got some bad habits you want to end, now is the time to stop. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. If you’re not eating right, you won’t feel well.

#3 – A strong relationship is really important to me. How can I maintain a happy, fulfilling relationship with my partner?

relationshipIt’s not always easy to keep your relationship happy and healthy — but a strong, loving, long-term relationship is well worth the effort it takes to maintain. Remember that this is a partnership, and build your partnership on a foundation of mutual respect. As in question #1, take nothing for granted!

Communicate openly and often. Keeping the lines of communication open is probably the best way to make sure you and your partner are happy together. Share your worries, but don’t take them out on your partner. Support each other in all aspects of your lives, and look for ways to bring out the best in your partner.

Spend time together doing the things you both love — but also leave space for your separate interests. Both of you need time to grow as individuals. Then be available to share your experiences afterwards. Have regular meals together, and use that time for conversation and laughter as well as for eating. Be tolerant of your partner’s little faults, and take every opportunity to say “I love you.”

#4 – I want to like myself, but when I look in the mirror I see so many flaws! How can I be happy with myself just as I am?

mirrorBegin and end each day with positive affirmations. Look into the mirror and say things like, “I love myself and I accept myself,” “I freely give love and respect to others, and receive love and respect from others in return,” or “I hereby release the need to prove myself to anyone, and accept that I am worthy of love and respect just as I am.” You may feel silly repeating these affirmations at first, but stick with it — they really do work.

Quit worrying about the judgment of others, and act in ways that please yourself! Get the haircut you really want, buy the outfit you really like, and let go of societal expectations. Avoid comparing yourself to others, and embrace your flaws. Your imperfections are part of what make you unique.

Seek out the company of friends and family members who give you positive reinforcement — and be sure to give it back to them. When you radiate love and acceptance for others, you’ll learn to love and accept yourself.

#5 – A very important person in my life passed away recently, and my sadness is overwhelming. How can I ever be truly happy again?

griefAllow yourself to feel and express your grief freely. Instead of stuffing or suppressing your feelings, let your emotions out. Cry if you need to, and take as much time to grieve as you need without indulging in self pity.

Practice feeling gratitude for the many ways in which this person has enriched your life. Focus on these positives, instead of emphasizing your loss. Keep a few mementos close by, to help you remember the good times you’ve had with this person.

Share your feelings with family and friends. Allow your faith community to support you. Above all, remember that life and death are forever joined: everything that lives must die, and all things must pass. It is the temporary nature of life that makes it so very precious, so rejoice in the time you’ve been given.

#6 – I feel like I haven’t accomplished many things in life. How is it possible to be happy with who I am right now?

GratefulEach day is filled with successes and pleasures, no matter how small. Learn to appreciate these positive moments, and live fully in the present while you plan for an even better future.

Set a few professional goals. Write them down, spend a little time each day thinking about them, and start working to achieve them. Make good use of the resources you have, and find ways to collect the resources you need. Cultivate personal discipline — practice getting things done and try saying “no” to others every now and then.

Avoid making excuses for yourself if things don’t work out exactly as planned. Be honest, be realistic and learn from your mistakes. Work hard, but make sure you’re allowing yourself some good rest as well. You’ll stay energetic and inspired if you recharge your batteries regularly.

#7 – I’m so lonely. How I can be happy when I live alone?

LonelyLearn to love and value the person you’re spending the most time with — yourself. Trust that you can solve your own problems, and have faith that you can meet life’s challenges on your own. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude. In this busy world, stillness is a rare and wonderful commodity.

When you spend time with others, make a real effort to listen to them, understand them and appreciate them. Make the most of your friendships by connecting to friends on a deep level, and when you’re with loved ones, remember to stay present and enjoy their company to the very fullest.

Avoid the trap of mindless consumption. Use your time alone to be creative — seek out interesting hobbies, watch thought-provoking films, read stimulating books, and enjoy the very best of the arts! Overcome your fears and attend concerts or go to movies on your own. Once you get over the discomfort of doing something outside of social norms, even dining alone at a fine restaurant can be a truly pleasurable experience.

#8 – Since my divorce I’ve felt so sad and bitter. How can I learn to feel happy after my marriage has ended?

kindnessBe kind to yourself. Like marriage, divorce is a two-way street. Whatever has happened between you and your ex, you’re not the only one responsible. Change your mindset from loss to opportunity, and understand that you now have a chance to re-create your life in a better, more fulfilling way.

Treat yourself — and your kids, if you have children — to something extra nice that you’ve wanted for a long time. If there’s something you quit doing because your ex hated it, embrace your freedom and indulge yourself! Leave those dishes in the sink, take an hour-long shower or stay up all night playing video games every once in a while.

Let yourself feel whatever you feel. Then make a conscious decision to feel joyful at some moment every day. Remember that pain may be inevitable, but suffering is definitely optional. Seek out the company and support of old friends, and make the effort to meet new ones. Experiment with casual dating and practice enjoying the company of others without expectations.

#9 – I really hate my job. How can I be happy when I’m so frustrated?

boring-jobKeep your head together and stay positive. Approach your current job as a stepping-stone to the job you really want. Visualize the ideal job, and think about the steps you can take to get to it. If you don’t know what your dream job is yet, start doing more of the things you love. You might be surprised at what develops.

Make an action plan. Write out a step-by-step process to get you into a better job and a better work environment. If you’re really feeling tortured, quit! Life is way too short to spend 40 hours each week being miserable.

Stick to your plan. Invest in the advice of a good career coach, if you can. Make use of your personal and professional networks in your job search. Be willing to take a pay cut in order to do something you love. Above all, don’t stress the small stuff. Have faith in your efforts, pay attention to opportunities when they arise, and know that every day is bringing you closer to your goal.

#10 – Sum it up, please! What are the keys to true happiness?

True-HappinessLearn to love yourself

Remember those affirmations! Practice loving and respecting yourself just as you are. Learn to capitalize on your strengths rather than focus on your imperfections.

Be grateful

Be thankful for who you are and what you’ve been given. Take time every day to appreciate the small pleasures in life. Say “Why me?” less often and “Thank you!” more often.

Help others

Giving of yourself resonates deep within your soul. Knowing that you really can make a difference in the world brings satisfaction and fulfillment.


Anger, jealousy and petty grievances are like poison — and they only poison you. Let go of all the negatives that are keeping you from being happy, and forgive!

Stop comparing

You are a unique and wonderful individual, so why try to compare yourself to others? Comparisons only promote discontent. Recognize your strengths, honor your contributions, and be happy.

Seek approval from within

Stop depending on the opinions of others to provide you with self worth. Your value as a human being is intrinsic — it comes from within, and only you know when you’re doing your best.

Take care of yourself

Find ways to exercise enjoyably. Eat healthy foods. Get enough sleep every night. These small things can make a world of difference in your confidence, your emotional well-being and your overall health.

Cultivate friendships

Be the kind of friend you seek. The love and kindness you give to your friends will be returned to you when you need it most.

Do what makes you happy

Make the time to enjoy yourself, and have some fun! You’ll feel less stress and more satisfaction when you pay more attention to your own needs and less attention to what others think.

Stay positive

You can be sure of this: whatever you send out into the universe is exactly what you’ll receive. Anger, negativity and dissatisfaction will be met with more of the same. Silence the doubting voices in your head and avoid the negative influences in your life. Monitor your words, your thoughts and your actions and STAY POSITIVE. You’ll find yourself enjoying life more, having better experiences, and handling the rough spots with ease.









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